Ahead of the Curve: Designing for 2017

Dec 6, 2016, 14:51 PM
We asked interior decorator Shauna Johnson of Shauna Johnson Design and Kelsey Kosman, interior design consultant and owner of Dollhouse Design to predict some of the top home and renovation trends for 2017. With Shauna’s expertise in eco-friendly and green design and Kelsey’s specialization in simplifying the design process, this duo can turn any space into something both beautiful and practical, for every family and every budget.

Kelsey & Shauna
Kelsey Kosman & Shauna Johnson

They’ve shared their top 5 trends that you can incorporate into your home for the New Year. You can catch Shauna and Kelsey on the Lifestyle Stage on Saturday, January 14 at 6:00PM for more details on 2017’s design and renovation trends.

Design With Intention
This is the theme of the Renovation Runway and a key design movement that we are seeing from many top interior designers and bloggers around the world. The theory behind designing with purpose is to evaluate each piece in your home to determine its value: only keep pieces that have a function, serve a purpose, or because they have a special meaning (or if you just love them)! It is the movement to be intentional about the pieces you bring into your home and that it is ok to have less “stuff” to focus on quality vs. quantity, as well as functionality and intention. Knowing where your pieces come from, supporting local artists and manufacturers and incorporating multifunctional pieces are all key elements to this design movement.

Minimal Living Room

Colours, Colours, Everywhere
In 2017 we are seeing a beautiful blending of deep dramatic colours with light and bright spaces. Rich, deep, amethyst will be huge this year (you will see the use of this colour throughout the Renovation Runway, as well as how to incorporate it), however we are definitely still seeing bright, beautiful and predominantly white spaces throughout the design world, especially in cold climates (like Winnipeg!) where winter takes over for much of the year, the need for these bright airy spaces is almost essential! Interest within these white spaces then comes from intricate and/or custom millwork details and accent walls done either partially or fully in this style (such as wainscoting).

Natural Wood
This is another trend we are seeing heavily within the design world, and with good reason! These natural (and lighter) wood pieces, from flooring and cabinets to wood stumps, bowls and accents can almost serve as a neutral and blend seamlessly with almost every design style. The key is keeping these woods as earthy and close to natural as possible to really showcase the beauty and interest within each piece. This theme will be showcased throughout the Renovation Runway.

Natural Wood

I Have This Thing With Tiles...
For the past few years, the shift has been heading back to more “simple” tile (think beautiful white marbles and muted earthy tones such as greys, whites and beiges), with the interest then coming from the tile installation pattern, as seen everywhere from flooring to backsplashes. We are seeing a lot of simple rectangular tiles installed in interesting and intricate patterns such as basketweave or herringbone. This classic tile still gives a very timeless look, however the pattern adds a bit of interest and design flair. The renovation Runway will show examples of these types of tiles as well as patterns that can be used with each.


Small Space - Bigger Design
As a green designer (Shauna), this movement is one that definitely excites me! I truly feel that we as a society are becoming more conscious of our resources, and more mindful of how we use them. We are seeing a definitely shift within the design community, not just in North America, but also throughout the world, to have smaller spaces, and a more efficient use of these spaces. Better layouts, storage solutions, custom designs, greener products, and overall a cleaner more functional design specifically tailored to each person’s needs is what is forecasted for 2017 and beyond. The Renovation Runway will showcase many examples of this style!

Discover more decor and design trends at the Winnipeg Renovation Show, January 13-15, 2017 at the RBC Convention Center. Don't have tickets yet? Get 2-for-1 when you connect with us on Facebook. These beauties make an excellent gift this holiday season, so be sure to pick up a couple extra!

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