Haute Chocolate: 8 Deliciously Unique Recipes

Nov 27, 2015, 18:26 PM
After a long day of work, it doesn’t get much better than curling up with a nice steaming mug of cocoa and the people you love. Whether you’re coming home from hitting the stores, slopes, or office, nothing beats being able to relax with a tasty treat and your family. This holiday season, instead of preparing your typical pre-packaged hot chocolate, why not try something a little more luxurious? We’ve combed the internet and found eight delicious, original recipes you’ve got to sample! Sip them with a good book, blanket, and a cookie – or two!

Spicy – Sure cocoa should be hot, but should it be spicy? Short answer: yes! Long answer: HECK YES! Add a pinch of chili pepper to dark chocolate and see how much you like it.

Chili Hot Chocolate
Image via Luvo

Gingerbread – Adding a touch of liquor to hot chocolate can help warm even the coldest hearts. Don’t go straight for the whiskey or brandy though, opting for a sweeter more flavorful style can complement your hot chocolate nicely.

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
Image via Pop Sugar

Junior Mint – This holiday season, try turning one of your favorite candies into hot chocolate! It can be done (and it’s not even too tricky!).

Junior Mint Hot Chocolate
Image via Picky Palate

Chai – Being on a vegan diet doesn’t mean no more hot chocolate. It doesn’t even mean no more fancy hot chocolate. This chai infused hot chocolate is creamy, rich, delicious, and totally vegan. You’re welcome!

Chai Vegan Hot Chocolate
Image via Fit Foodie Finds

Almond Joy – Not a fan of Junior Mints? That’s ok. Here’s another candy-inspired hot chocolate recipe. Friends, say hello to the Almond Joy hot chocolate.

Black Cherry Bourbon - Dark chocolate, cherry bourbon, and a little whip cream? Yes please!

Cherry Bourbon Hot Chocolate
Image via Sugar & Soul

White Fudge Oreo – You may have dipped cookies in your hot chocolate, but have you ever made hot chocolate out of your cookies? It might sound a little backwards, but it tastes delicious!

White Oreo Fudge Hot Chocolate
Image via Sweet C's Designs

Red Velvet – We saved the best for last! This is one of the more complex recipes on the list, but man is it delicious. If you love red velvet, this is a must-make treat!

We hope these recipes help keep you warm, full, and happy this winter! Making one of these creative concoctions? Share your best cocoa shots with us on Instagram and Twitter! We love seeing what you cooking up.