Timeless vs. Trendy: What to look for when buying furniture for your space

Dec 24, 2019, 18:25 PM
Have you been struggling to find functional and long-lasting furniture that doesn’t need to be replaced every season? Maybe trends have changed since you last renovated and the furniture that you bought hasn’t kept up. Happening January 10–12, 2020 at the RBC Convention Centre, the Winnipeg Renovation Show not only has great advice and tips for renovations but also helpful design recommendations for homeowners and renters alike! We’ve caught up with local interior designer Kristin Hayward of IDESIGN to provide you with some tips and tricks for choosing some key furniture pieces that will stand the test of time!
Look to the past 
If you are looking for furniture that is not trendy, but rather will stand the test of time, your best bet will be to take inspiration from the “past" rather than the “right now!”  Take a look at the furniture pieces that have been popular and in-style for decades, if they have lasted this long, chances are they won’t be going away anytime soon.
There are pieces for those who like various design styles too.  If you tend to like mid-century modern design, look to classic furniture designed by Charles and Ray Eames like an Eames Lounge Chair, which is often paired with an Ottoman or the Organic Chair which was one consistent piece of molded plywood.  A couple other great examples of timeless furniture from this era would be the tulip dining table or a great sideboard.
If you lean to a more traditional style there are options out there for you as well.  There has never been a time when a great wingback chair was not in style or a Chesterfield sofa with great button tufting, or even a four poster bed.
Play around with the finish, material and colour
Colour: when it comes to colour, go with a neutral rather than a bold colour that is on trend.  A good neutral will be much more likely to stand the test of time and will translate through the seasons better. Pops of seasonal colour can be incorporated through the use of accessories. 
Material: choose materials that have been around and have been always in style. For example, a marble coffee table has never been out of style and is therefore a safe choice!
Finishes: try to avoid choosing a trendy finish. For example, although a worn or aged finish may make a piece of furniture look like it’s been around for a while, it may go out of style faster than a regular smooth stained piece.
Overall in order to keep your house looking timeless, look to the past, keep it neutral and don’t choose anything that is too out there. This will help create a space that will be the envy of your neighbours for years to come! Feeling inspired to redecorate with these tips and tricks provided by Kristin of IDESIGN? Go all out! Regardless if you’re in a house, condo or apartment, these tricks can help you to enjoy your space for a long time. 
Want more helpful advice to make your home feel timeless? Be sure to check out Kristin on the HGTV Canada Lifestyle Stage on Sunday, January 12 at 3pm. Click here to buy your tickets online and save $2, courtesy of All Canadian Renovations!